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Our Facilities

Providing Everything You Need

Dog Yards

Our Arundel resort has 10 yards and Currumbin has 7, affording us flexibility in mixing and matching dogs within breed, size, and temperament ranges.

Our guests receive 4-6 hours of playtime every day, with a break over lunch and their sleeping overnight. This playtime is semi-supervised; a staff member will be in the vicinity of all of the yards throughout the day, but undertaking cleaning duties amongst other jobs to maintain a safe and sanitary place for the dogs.

Dog Boarding Rooms

We have 4 different room types across the two resorts. All room types provide the dogs with up to 4 - 6 hours of playtime each day, Royal Canin dry biscuits and BARF (a mincemeat for dogs). The difference is the physical space that they inhabit during lunch time and overnight.

Homestay utilises the bedrooms in the on-site houses, or the garage (Arundel only) for larger dogs or families of dogs. The rooms are setup like that of a child's bedroom.

The Luxury suites are also setup like a bedroom with a single sized bed. The Currumbin rooms have a TV playing too.

The Funhouse, at Currumbin only, is an intermediary between the Luxury suites and the Deluxe rooms. It offers a slightly larger space than the Deluxe rooms with a more modest furnishing.

The Deluxe rooms are the entry level room type with still plenty of space for the dogs to roam about during their down time. We include a trampoline bed with blankets and bedding.

Cat Boarding Rooms

We have 3 different room types across the two resorts. All room types are provided with clean litter daily, Royal Canin dry biscuits, and of course water. They also contain bedding, blankets, and stimulating toys.

The Large Chalets provide plenty of verticality for the cats to climb or perch. 

The Small Chalets are cosy and have a darker area for the cats to retreat to when wanting to rest.

The Condos are spacious and have open air with some verticality too.

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