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Arundel Cat Accommodation

Clean, comfortable rooms for your cat - we're the perfect cat sitters

Your cats will feel comfortable and at home in our cattery which is separated from the dog boarding area.


All our prices include food, fresh drinking water, bedding and plenty of cuddles and attention.

Minimum 2 day charge per booking

$2 per day surcharge applies for all Public and School holidays

We ask that your cats flea and tick treatment is also up to date

All cats must have a current F3 vaccination certificate and are up to date with their flea and

tick treatment

Arundel Cat Condo

Budget option most suitable for short stays and cats who prefer to snooze most of the day

$23 per day one cat only

Private condos with a cat tree, litter tray, toys and plenty of water to drink. Size is 1.3m x 0.7m


We also have adjoining condos for cats from the same family.

Suitable for one cat only.

Arundel Cat Chalet

Large chalet with plenty of space to roam around

$30 per day 1st cat | $27 per day 2nd cat

Large two storey walk in chalets with cat tree, room to roam and climb, bedroom and ensuite litter area, toys and plenty of fresh clean water to drink. Suitable for multiple cats from the same family.

Size is 2.5m x 1.5m

Arundel Family Chalet

Extra large suite suitable for families

$75 per day for 3 or more cats

Extra large suite with plenty of room for multiple cats from the same family.

Added Extras

We also provide extras for dogs with extra needs

From $4.00

Medication from $5.00 per day

Playtime $6.00 per session

Brushing $6.00 per session

Pick up/delivery min $30 depending on location.

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We feed your pets premium food from:
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